Wall design in the apartment

Home interior design and especially concerns the walls, today has nothing to do with «life in a hut». Nowadays, this is a new symbol of prestige, emphasizing the social status of the owner. So that the home has its own face, it is not enough to choose wallpaper for the color of the carpet on the floor or furniture — something more is required. Perhaps an overseas souvenir or an unusual picture, a collection of paintings or an original lined fireplace.

How can you decorate the walls in the apartment

Fans of the Empire style decorate the walls in the apartment with metal jewelry — ancient coinage, engravings, frescoes or paintings in beautiful heavy frames. The design of the premises in this style characterizes the clearness of forms, heavyweight and intransigence of the finish.

The most important role is assigned to the walls and when decorating the premises in the English style. A true mood is created thanks to the use of pilasters, cornices, heavy textured wallpaper and wooden casing.

Renaissance ornamentation is repelled from ancient samples. All kinds of bucids, pilasters, festons, braids, griffins and lion heads are widely used widely used. Everything is decorated with rich drapery, the walls are covered with tapestries.

In the interior of the classical style, everything should contribute to the achievement of comfort and comfort. The wallpaper is selected with a discreet pattern or plain so that the integrity of the space is not violated. Distinctive feature here is small paintings of the same sizes, engravings or panels placed symmetrically. The color scheme is carefully selected — calm noble tones.

Wall design during the repair of the apartment is a creative, interesting process. How exactly the room will look like a whole depends on various kinds of factors. But you need to select all interior items in a single style so that they create a harmonious single space, complement each other. At the same time, the possibilities of decor and modern technologies allow you to realize even the most unusual ideas. You can create a room that will imitate the equipment of a spaceship or a flowering garden of seques plants. Everything depends on you!