Wall painting in the apartment

The idea to surround yourself with an atmosphere of a different color and repaint the walls come spontaneously. However, a hurry here is too much, the choice of materials must be approached responsibly and seriously. Attention should be paid to water permeability, environmental friendliness, durability of paints and varnishes. The view of the finished wall will depend on other nuances. So, if you apply the paint to the surface uneven, with cracks, then defects will become even more noticeable.

Wall painting in the apartment

For painting walls in the apartment, water -based compounds are perfect. They dry quickly, fit perfectly on the prepared surface and, most importantly, are not toxic. Such paints can be used for concrete, stone and wooden surfaces. When using this material during the independent repair of the apartment, the room will have a healthy microclimate, and walls with a beautiful matte coating will not lose their brightness for a long time.

A very interesting effect gives the use of granite paint. This material consists of small bubbles of acrylic paint. Wall painting in the apartment in this case occurs using a special gun. When driving a drop, breaking on a hard surface, form a pattern, which resembles the texture of granite. This type of paint can be used to stain prepared bases from wood, drywall, concrete.

After applying paints with a velor effect, we process the base, a thin elastic film is formed resistant to chemical effects, resembling an outwardly soft tissue.

The translucent structure has a paint with mother of pearl. It changes its color depending on the lighting. True, it is better to use it not for the entire surfaces, but for decoration of columns, cornices, window sills.

In general, manufacturers today offer a rich color palette of colors and their interpretation in fashionable colors. If you strive to give your house an individual shade, then you can always tint a white classic paint yourself and use some kind of creative method of work, for example, rolling or clipping. The effect will be amazing.