Wallpaper in the hallway

If you choose the second option between paint and wallpaper in the hallway, then you should take it quite seriously. There are many criteria that affect the choice of customers and this is not only a beautiful appearance, but also their practical side.

At the moment, new technologies have made it possible to create wallpaper with different textures, colors and materials. Therefore, when choosing wallpaper in the hallway, your eyes will scatter.

What should you pay attention to when choosing wallpaper

The main criterion is that you should really like the wallpaper and completely coincide with your tastes. The hallway is a place from which your house begins, here you will meet and see your guests. This room in the house should contain enough comfort in yourself so that upon arrival home you get only pleasant emotions and contemplate something pleasant;

Appearance — it is very important to choose the right color and pattern for wallpaper. If you have low ceilings, you need to choose a strip wallpaper, and the hallway will look visually higher. If the room is not large — the pattern should be wide and sweeping — this will again create a feeling of greater space.

Color. It is important to choose the right color. Too light wallpapers will collect too much dust on themselves. If the street is a strong wind or dirt, dust will settle on light wallpaper. However, do not pick up and too dark wallpapers. They can make your apartment more gloomy. Remember that the hallway is a place where there is often not so much light, since there are no windows in this room.

Practicality. Wallpaper in the hallway should be easily cleaned. It is because of the settlement of dust on them, they require cleaning. And if you glue the wallpaper like in the bedroom, they may not withstand cleaning and washing.

What is chosen for the hallway?

Most often, durable and reliable wallpapers are selected, which are easy to wash. The most common are vinyl wallpapers. Now they are created by different textures. Looking at them may seem that this is really brickwork (and it is also similar to the touch).

Glass wallpaper is gaining popularity. They are used to apply paint on top. What is good — the old paint can be cleaned and applied to a new. Thus, they have a fairly long service life and a very attractive look.

Also sometimes they choose wallpaper from natural materials, but this is an expensive pleasure that is not available to everyone.

If you want to experiment, you can use two different types of wallpaper in the hallway. This will add diversity and originality to your home in appearance.