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Chain electric saws are very popular today, many would like to purchase such goods. If you need the best chain electric saw, then you should pay attention to the STIHL brand.

The site shows 2 models: MS 180 C- VQ and MSA 160 C-BQ. The first of them weighs a little less than 4.2 kg, the length of the tire is 35 cm. If the engine does not work, then the oil consumption is zero. The power of such a product is 1800 watts, and the permissible volume of oil reaches 0.35 liters. As for the second model, it has a similar weight and volume of oil. However, the length of the tire will be larger (37.5 cm), the power is also a little less — 1600 watts.

If you are interested in saws that can be used to care for the trees, then pay attention to the MS 180 S-VQ model. Its weight is 3.7 kg at a power of 2.4 “horses” (or 1800 watts). The working volume of this model reaches a little more than 35 cubic centimeters.

In this model, several advanced technologies are implemented. For example, Elastostar guarantees uniform launch of the motor, reduces the action of the shocks. This technology takes on part of the energy. As a result, the load is reduced on both joints and muscles. As for the pump supply pump, it allows you to accurately carry out the dosage of the oil, depending on its need. The labeling «E» guarantees that the oil will always be enough. There is an opportunity to reduce oil supply by 50%. If there is a need to replace the cutting headset, then the nuts that are located on the cover of the chain stars can easily be lost, but not for this model. Such saws received «impatient» nuts, which is very profitable for users.

One cannot but pay attention to the brake, which guarantees that the chain will instantly stop. Quickstop is a protective mechanism that is necessary when working with chainsaws. The chain brake is activated at the moment when you click on the emphasis located in front. In a few yields, he can stop the chain. If the return is very large, then such a brake will work automatically. The chain lubricant system is a combination of elements such as an oil pump, a saw chain, a tire guide. Due to the special design of the chain, tires all the oil gets to where the lubrication is necessary. Due to this, oil consumption is reduced by ½.