We sheathe the balcony

Today, the most popular and demanded material for decorating loggias and balconies is a lining. If you decide to make a bar on the balcony, the lining will perfectly emphasize the style. You can buy bar racks to order on the site . Lining is plastic or wooden shelling boards. Lining lining is a practical and economical way to finish any room.

Compared to plastic lining, wooden has its advantages. It preserves heat better, not melting in the sun and looks much more comfortable. It is not difficult to work with a lining, moreover, you can do everything yourself. The disadvantages of the lining include its high cost and combustibility.

Having decided on the lining, measure the area of ​​the room and calculate how much material is needed. Then prepare the rails for fastening, their thickness should be 2 cm.

Next, outline the rack fastening lines. Use the construction level in your work. Fix the rails parallel to the ceiling, they should occupy the entire width of the surface of the wall, so that there are no free angles. Drill holes for placing dowels there with a perforator. If you stumble upon the voids when drilling, you need to measure the depth of the hole and drive a wooden plug there there. Reiki fixes along the entire length with screws.

A layer of insulation should be placed between the wall and the sheathed material. It is better to give preference to polysterol foam. He does not need to be attached, just arrange it between the crate and the wall.

Start the balcony from the corner. The first board is attached to the wall. The side that with the groove should be located in the corner, the protruding part should be included in the groove of the next board. Fix the lining with decorative screws or special brackets driving a pneumatic gun.

The wall with the window is upholstered in the same way. Two rails are attached, one of which should take place at the floor level, and the other at the window level. To cut the boards to the desired size, use a hacksaw. The sheathing should begin with the same side as before.

Do not forget to process the lining with a special composition that will protect it from decay. Then cover the material with varnish.