What does the sewage scheme look like for a private house

Comfortable accommodation today cannot be presented without the availability of sewage. But in private houses located from the city, access to the central sewage system is almost never. Therefore, usually the task of self -arranging such a system arises.

To do this, you need to know what elements this system consists of. The sewer system can be divided into external and internal parts. The internal sewer is a set of pipes that is necessary to collect drains directly in the places where their sources are located, that is, near the sink, sink, bath, toilet. Internal sewage system is needed in order to remove the drains from the dwelling out.

Sewage from it fall, respectively, into the outer sewer. This is a pipeline through which the drains reach a septic tank, a sewer well or a sewer line. Separate attention requires a description of the sewer well or other tank, which, when arranging sewage in a private house, in any case, has to be installed.

This is the most important elements of the system in which the «journey» of the drains ends. The sewage tank can be both the simplest cesspool and a modern high -tech septic tank. Recently, biological cleaning stations that can almost completely process sewage and protect the environment from pollution have become especially in demand.

A similar sewage scheme should be taken as a basis when creating a sewer system. It allows you to prepare for the laying of communications and get the highest result with minimal economic costs. Without the presence of a drawn circuit, it is impossible to proceed with the arrangement of the sewage.

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