What is the frame technology for building houses

Frame technology was first applied in Canada. The fast pace of buildings and the cheapness of building materials and works contributed to the spread of this technology for all European countries. Given the fact that our climate is very similar to the climate in Canada, it has taken root quite well and is currently developing effectively.

Cheapness lies in the absence of the need to build a complex foundation. Moreover, lightweight foundation options can be used on complex soil. For the same reason and construction terms are no more than 3 months.

Many people mistakenly consider frame houses short-lived and unreliable, confusing them with frame-chronic technology. To exclude confusion, let’s in general terms consider the technology of Canadian construction.

The house is installed on a pile or strip foundation (depending on the type of soil). The strength of the structure gives a frame with a lower, as well as the upper strapping. The walls are a layer of water -absorbing, windproof and thermal insulation material.

The outer layers are subjected to facade finishes. And any facade finishing materials can be used here. The same applies to the interior decoration. Frame Canadian technology allows you to hide in the walls of communication: wiring, water supply, which will perfectly affect the design of the room and increase the internal space.

Stopping at the frame technology of construction, you will invite your colleagues, friends and acquaintances to the housewarming in a couple of months. At the same time, the cost of a cozy and beautiful house will not exceed the cost of a one -room apartment. All the same to have a beautiful and reliable, roomy house outside the city is very good!

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