What should not be forgotten when using Topas

By purchasing a modern water purification station, some consumers believe that after installing it, no action will be carried out in the future. Others, Opposite, scares the «complexity» of the acquired equipment, so they believe that its secrets are available exclusively to specialists of this industry. As you know, the truth «is in the middle». SO, during the operation of the structure, active silt is born, in which there are protozoa, mollusks and many other bacteria. In a favorable set of circumstances, this “colony” grows and an excess of silt occurs, which needs to be removed. From the reactor excess silt mass diverges into a stabilizer, where it is mineralized. The stabilizer of the active substance accumulates. Using sewer systems, you should work in rubber gloves. Moreover, after the measures taken to remove excess silt, it is necessary to thoroughly wash your hands with soap.

An equally important issue serves how to determine whether it is necessary to pump out? To do this, take a transparent container with a capacity of approximately 1l and dial water from the chamber of silt sumps there. The septic tank at this moment works in the 1st cycle. After a few minutes, the level of sediment should be checked, if it fills more than half of the container, then silt must be pumped out. Topas septic tanks in Golitsyno and other cities are arranged so that the pumping of silt should be carried out once every 3 months. Before carrying out work, you need to remove the plug from the sump, set up a bucket and send an Erlift hose into it. The sumps must be pumped completely, since insufficient pumping and washing can lead to clogging the pumping equipment. It is possible to pump out a drainage pumping device, for this you need to lower it to the bottom of the sump. It is best to drain the silt into the prepared compost hole, and then sprinkle it with foliage, sawdust or straw. After pumping out, the sump should be filled with clean water.

Using septic tanks in electric lugs or other cities, one should not forget about the regular washing of Erlift, as well as filters of large fractions. Such measures are usually carried out using special pumps designed for circulation. Erlifts are originally extracted, and then filters of large fractions are removed. They are thoroughly washed with water under pressure, both from the external and from the inside. After washing, these elements should be installed back.