Why are wooden houses so popular?

Significant demand for modern wooden houses is largely determined simultaneously by a number of factors: produced from specially processed logs, the house is not only unusually strong and durable, but also has a delightful appearance. The well -known environmental friendliness of a tree — a real natural air conditioner — gives the owner of a freshly observed room to breathe easily, because in such houses the air circulates and is updated.

Such a structure does not require interior decoration (with the exception of wall grinding), so a kind of design is the result of saving funds. Wood goes well with almost all known materials. Today there is a unique opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of colors.

One of the most new design solutions is the style of high-tech. Moreover, in this case, rafters, beams and other supporting structures of the house under construction do not hide at all, but, on the contrary, are used as unique decorative elements that create the unsurpassed appearance of the house. In such wooden housing construction, many open bearing structures have always been present, which now allows us to say that wooden houses were invariably and will correspond to the requests of our time.

As everyone has long known, any dwelling should certainly contribute to air circulation. So that the content of carbon dioxide in the room does not exceed permissible 2700 mg/sq.m, the influx of street air is needed approximately 4 l/s per person.

In addition, the log wall is an excellent and incredibly effective heat exchanger, which eliminates the cause of increased heat loss in the room. Wood contributes to such a process such as thermocying.

All of the above certainly guarantees the maximum convenience of living in the house, which is the true goal of any construction.

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