Why exactly stretch ceiling

The main competitor in suspended ceilings is the ceiling of the suspension. But stretch ceilings due to their unique properties will open unprecedented horizons for you.  You can buy stretch ceilings in Stupino at the best prices. The site also has a calculator on which you can accurately calculate the cost of the ceiling.

Stretch ceilings have a number of advantages, such as:

The chance to combine colors, as well as the shape of the ceiling, will certainly lead to opportunities to approach each order more individually.

The surface of the stretch ceilings is absolutely hypoallergenic, does not smell, does not emit toxins and other harmful substances, since it is made of seamless fabric or polyvinyl chloride

This material has very good fire resistance

ceilings of this type are elastic and very durable, the duration of the operation of such ceilings reaches 10 years, while not a form, the remaining qualities of the product are lost

Stretch ceilings are waterproof, and even in case of flooding from above, they will be able to withstand up to 5 tons of water, and after draining will take the previous forms

Its installation does not take much time, but requires the mandatory presence of masters, due to thin technologies. Although it will not be difficult to dismantle it, even the most ordinary person

leaving such a canvas is carried out with the help of a moistened sponge and detergent

The main advantage of stretch ceilings is the opportunity to choose an absolutely unique design for yourself, the most popular was the “night sky” released in 2007.

The main supplier of suspended ceilings is France, so if you are close to the beauty and sophistication of the French, then you will certainly stop your choice in their production. Asian manufacturers also produce stretch fabrics and their prices are much less European, but for quality and protective functions, it is still worthwhile to overpay.

There are several types of stretch paintings, the sales leader is a glossy film stretch ceiling and the main assistant in creating comfort and comfort — a fabric stretch ceiling with an ornament. It is worth noting that with a large area of ​​the room, the film ceiling will be soldered from several layers, and therefore it is worth thinking about the competent choice of drawing.