Why is bitumen tiles unpopular unlike its competitors

Currently, a particularly popular type of roofing materials is a metal tile. Bitumen tile is trying to compete with her, although not too successful. The reason is that the flexible roof, as this coating is also called, is quite expensive. The high cost is determined not only by the high price of the material itself, but also by the need to pay for the services of roofers. In addition, during styling, it is necessary to use additional fasteners.

Flexible tiles are a material that is a bitumen sheet with a layer of stone crumbs. On top it is processed with special protective paint. Due to this structure, this roofing acquires high heat and sound insulation indicators. But, of course, it will not be possible to put the bitumen tile on the frame. Therefore, you have to carry out additional work to create a solid basis. Accordingly, quite serious expenses are required.

To prepare the base for laying flexible tiles, you need to use sheets of fiberboard or chipboard. You will also have to purchase and mounts for installation work. All this suggests that the process of laying this material is quite complicated. If the owner is decided to independently carry out the required work, he must be sure that he has the knowledge and experience necessary for this.

But usually you still have to involve specialists to the procedure who will have to pay. Therefore, it turns out that, despite the very small difference in the cost between the metal and bitumen tiles, the process of arranging the roof with the help of the second costs about 2.5 times more expensive. Under such a condition, there are no special hopes that the flexible roof will become truly popular.

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