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Wicker furniture in the interior

Until recently, wicker furniture in city apartments could not be seen often. Used it mainly only in summer cottages. Today, such interior items come into fashion precisely as a decoration of city dwellings. Chairs, tables and chairs from a rattan are considered especially popular. This is an unusually practical and at the same time beautiful material.

A rattan is called a special type of palm tree similar to a vine. This is the longest plant in the world. He does not have knots and side branches. In addition, the stem of a palm tree of this species has the same diameter along the entire length. All these wonderful qualities allow you to make truly magnificent objects of the situation from this material. Thanks to the length of the rods in the furniture elements, there are absolutely no joints, which makes the seats and tables unusually strong and durable. The very structure of wood also contributes to this — a durable bark, a cork elastic middle part and an unusually solid core.

It was the excellent operational characteristics that made the objects of the atmosphere from the rattan with such popular. These light woven tables and chairs of the original appearance can decorate absolutely any interior. Most wicker furniture is suitable, of course, for premises decorated in the so -called folk styles — country, Provence, Scandinavian, etc.D. Just a unique charm will give the same living room a cozy rocking chair from a rattan installed by the fireplace. And if you add pretty wicker table and chairs to this picture, you can create just a unique interior.

Roach furniture will fill the apartment with natural energy «live» material. At the sight of these light openwork objects, the situation in the memory pops up pictures of a carefree village life — a pleasant family dinner with a quiet summer evening or a light cocktail on the terrace. Of course, such furniture is also good for other styles. For example, for the classic you can choose tables and chairs of strict geometric shapes made of dark material. Light yellowish rattan will simply look great in the apartment of the Art Nouveau. Even for modern high-tech you can choose suitable wicker objects if you use combinations with glass or plastic.

Roach furniture can decorate absolutely any room. It is allowed to install such interior items in the living room, bedroom, children’s, office, hallway, etc.D. They will last a very long time, as they differ in strength, and in care they are absolutely unpretentious.