Window window sills, balconies, doors

Window sills that are installed to modern windows are characterized by various shapes and materials used. The main characteristics are water impermeability, heat resistance, simplicity of care, resistance to any household cleaners, and, of course, the absence of formaldehydes in the composition.

A strong modern design of the windowsill, which is mounted on PVC windows, allows it not to be shrinkable and have a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

New models, due to the ribs of stiffness, have increased strength resistance, which makes it possible to install them even in the form of thresholds for balcony doors.

In addition, they are immune to the effects of microorganisms, which allows them to be used in rooms where there is a violation of temperature and humidity standards.

The window sill is easy to install and replace, in addition, it is practical in operation.

A reliable laminated surface that modern model of window sills have is characterized by endurance to impacts and scratches.


The process of production of window sills, as well as plastic windows, consists of many operations. Typically, the sources of the technological process are laid in the sketch of the product, which is made by designers based on the results of the measurement they made. After which computer processing is done.

According to the performed drawings on the modern line, the manufacture of specialized structures is made, which can then be cut into the required length to obtain an aesthetic and reliable window sill that harmonizes with slopes.

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