Your windows.

Since ancient times, window frames have been produced from wood, and the experience of time prompted how they were short -lived. Depending on the season, they are subject to swelling, then drying, and are affected by various microorganisms. The paint over the time has to be periodically updated, and for each season of cold weather, change the seals. In order to avoid these unpleasant moments, only old wooden windows are required to change to, plastic windows.

Plastic windows, compared with wooden, have a lot of advantages. Due to their tightness, they do not let cold air into the room. Have good thermal insulation due to a multi -chamber profile or two -layer double -glazed window. Besides all of the above, they still have excellent sound insulation. The appearance of plastic windows is more attractive than wooden, and due to the possibility of opening them in two versions, they are very convenient to operate. And due to the anti -mosquito net included in their design, in the summer, in hot weather, all sorts of insects will not fly into the open window.

The sales market now presents many options for various models of plastic windows. Basically, they all have a white classic color and standard shape. But, at the request of the client, the manufacturer can move away from the generally accepted rules in the production of these products, and using a laminated film, make windows to order exactly the color and shape that the customer wants.

Today, each person with average prosperity can bring his home to a work of art. And stained glass. Stained glass windows are a unique part of the decor that can give any room its own special personality. Stained glass windows look great with plastic doors and windows, protect the space from curious eyes, give a visual increase in the area of ​​the apartment, fitting perfectly into any interior design.

Both for the manufacture of plastic windows and for stained glass — the multilayer structure of PVC is used. This synthetic material is environmentally friendly and does not pose any health hazard. It is also used in the manufacture of children’s dishes, packaging for products, plastic teapots, etc. D. Accordingly, humanity uses all these objects, without feeling any harm from them. The same, plastic windows and stained glass. Also, these windows are more refractory than wooden. Unlike wooden, which tend to ignite at a temperature of 220 degrees, they are ignited only with an open source of fire and at 350 degrees.